Cheat Day is a new, innovative vlog hitting the Internet. Hosts, Jada Montemarano and Eddie Murphy, research and try the best restaurants with the CRAZIEST items for your day of indulgence. From cotton candy frozen shakes to burgers deep-fried in dough, the videos are filled with cheats that EVERYONE craves! Jada and Eddie’s chemistry with each other AND the food offer an entertaining way to learn where to go and what to order. 

We currently have 13 episodes and counting, including a special segment called “To Cheat or Not To Cheat.” Recently, we have re-vamped our brand and video style, while concentrating closely on the “forgotten borough” of Staten Island. We feel this part of New York City is ignored and the amazing restaurants on it need to be showcased! We are creating a close relationship with the local restaurants, Project Brunch calling us their “favorite S.I. bloggers."

This personal vlog gave Jada a chance to stay active in hosting and editing, while also joining the YouTube community. Cheat Day can be seen on Odyssey Online and Stareable!