Jeff Gutt Rocks On With “Rival City Heights”

Coming off a successful season on The X Factor, Jeff Gutt decided to return to the band lifestyle, leaving his solo career behind. He is the lead singer of “Rival City Heights” a five member band who are heading on tour with the release of their self-titled album and recent single “Take It Back.”

“Growing up, through high school, throughout all my cover-band bar years, and club years… it was always a band for me,” Gutt told reporter Jada Montemarano. “So to go on to something like the X Factor is a departure of what I’m used to… It was easy to go into a band situation.”

“Rival City Heights,” with its name taking inspiration from 70s band “Rival Sons,” contains a group of seasoned musicians who joined forces when the timing was just right. Gutt admitted he was a fan of guitarist Cyamak for over 10 years. The Detroit local reminisced the times where the two would consistently play the same venues, and he always said, “Someday I am going to steal that dude.” With his current platform, Gutt was able to attain his goal.

The five will head back on tour in the coming months and even had some “rock star” moments already. They were thrown “granny panties” on stage and performed with them for the rest of the night. “I put them on KC’s mic stand so every time he had to sing he had to go right up to them,” said the The X Factor alumn.

The band will ‘take it back’ in the self-titled album and according to the lead singer will continually “strive for the best” in their music. When asked what makes “Rival City Heights” different than everyone else, Gutt told EntScoop that their sound is ever-evolving and authentic.

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